Floyd Mcdaniel

Founder & CEO

A visionary entrepreneur with a strong passion for animal welfare and technology. With a background in blockchain development and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by animal shelters, Floyd Mcdaniel envisioned CryptoPawCoin as a powerful solution to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and compassionate causes.

Bertha Manning

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

A seasoned technologist with extensive experience in blockchain architecture and implementation. Their innovative mindset and technical expertise have been instrumental in bringing CryptoPawCoin's blockchain-powered adoption platform and token mechanics to life.

Adelina Diana

Director of Community Engagement

A passionate advocate for animal welfare and community empowerment. With a background in community management and social outreach, they are responsible for building and nurturing the CryptoPawCoin community. Their strategic communication skills ensure that the project remains closely aligned with its supporters.

Kade Mcmahon

Head of Partnerships & Outreach

Brings a wealth of experience in forging partnerships and collaborations. With a deep understanding of both the crypto industry and the animal welfare sector, they are responsible for establishing valuable relationships with animal shelters, veterinarians, and eco-conscious brands. Their efforts amplify CryptoPawCoin's impact and reach.